New Equipment PDF Print E-mail
Expert Repairs PDF Print E-mail

Cost: $95.00 per hour

Description: We are capable of repairing anything that's wrong with your pool. From simple repairs to complete remodels.


Deluxe Plus Chemical Service PDF Print E-mail

Cost: $100.00 per month

Description: This is our most popular service. We do everything on your pool except vacuum the bottom, which your pool sweeper will do for you. We will use our leaf rake and scoop what is on the bottomĀ  of the pool if your pool sweeper misses something.

Partial Full Service PDF Print E-mail

Cost: $90.00 per month

Description: Each week we test your pool water for ph, alkalinity, chlorine, and other important test readings. We then add the appropriate chemicals to balance out your pool water. We then fill out a Service card telling you the time, date, chemical readings, and whatever else we do to your pool that day. The card will be left in your pool timer box. In addition, we take care of all your pool equipment, clean the filter as needed, empty your pump and skimmer baskets and Pool Cleaner bag, and brush your pool steps.

Inspections PDF Print E-mail

  Cost: $175.00 per inspection

Description: Before you buy your home, we inspect your pool and pool equipment. We will write up estimates on any repairs needed. We go over with you the condition of the pool and what upgrades are available. Then we will show you how to operate your swimming pool equipment. You'll be a swimming pool expert before you know it. Joe Pagluica the president of Pool Time does each inspection, and his wealth of knowlege and expertise will be to your advantage.